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The Story of Kharai Camel

The Kharai camel breed is rare species which thrives only in mangrove forests. In Kutch region usually, the camels spend 3 days feeding in the mangroves and then one day back on the mainland for drinking fresh water and then the cycle repeats.

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In Kutch region of Gujarat about 16 generations ago (400 years back) camels have been maintained by Rabaries (Hindus) in Pipar village, Lakhpat taluka . During that time there was a dispute in one of the Rabari family when they want to divide their property between 2 brothers. There was only one camel left in the family and 2 brothers wanted to own the single camel and they were unable to settle the matter. They went to one Muslim saint named Savlapir who lives in nearby Mangroves Island adjacent to the village. By seeing the complicated issue Savlapir made a small camel with clay and he asked choice of 2 brothers to take each one takes one camel.
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The elder brother immediately opted for living camel and it had been given to him. Then the younger brother with the blessings of Muslim saint had to take the clay camel with him. Savlapir told that the single clay camel which will be multiplying into many camels on the way to his home.  The Muslim saint advised the younger brother that he should not turn back while returning home. The saint told the younger brother he can hand over surplus camels to the Muslim community in case Rabari families unable to maintain them. Then many camels appeared and followed the younger brother. The younger brother had a doubt in his mind to see back whether camels are really following him. Then he turned back.This has stopped the further appearance of new camels and he returned home with many numbers of camels already appeared along with him.
Now a day there are no Rebaries has been rearing the camels but the Jat community (Muslim) alone keeping the kharai camels. One of the Jat (Muslim) family Mr.Aga Khan Savlani who is living now in Pipar village can be traced back to 16 the generation of the Muslim saint Savlapir who lived in the island of mangroves.

 Source: This story has been revealed by Mr. Ramesh Bhatti,  Sahjeevan, Bhuj, Gujarat
 Recorded by:  P.Vivekanandan, SEVA Jan 2013. 

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