Sunday, March 17, 2013

Email from Vivek about a Camel Story and Dream

Dear Raziq and colleagues,
On the occasion of BSA 2012 award ceremony one women livestock keeper from Tamil Nadu was curious with camel story and interacted with Dayali Devi Raika and Rajasthan group  .Khieta ram Raika ( if we are correct -young man ) told that they are not sending camels for slaughter purpose even after attaining old age  against a question asked by Tamil Nadu woman. The woman wondered about the story of creation of camels by Lord Shiva after Goddess Parvathy made camel like structure  using clay material as explained by us  . That is why she raised the question that such a sacred creation is sent to slaughter purpose after attaining old age  . (According to her Lord's  creation shall be allowed for full life till death ) . 
The next day Tamil Nadu woman offered Rs 50 to Dayali Bhai . We asked the reason for offering Rs 50 . 

Tamil Nadu woman told that  she had dashan of Lord Siva and Parvathy together in her dream last night and they (Siva and Parvathy ) were telling that they are on the way to Rameswaram and remove her (TN woman ) sin's too. Those are blessed who ask  such question with full faith upon camel story ? . 
Lastly TN women told that Rs 50 is given for her to do Pooja for Lord Shiva after Dhyalibhai return to her native place . She also told that camel keepers are together coming  along with Lord Siva and Parvathy as she believes.
Those who work for camels including Raziq are also blessed by Lord Siva and Parvathy . OK Raziq !
Those who  respect LIFE of all creatures to the extent possible are  blessed by the creator ? 

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