Sunday, April 4, 2021

اونٹنی کا دودھ جسم کا قوت مدافعت بڑھاتا ہے۔ Camel milk Safeguards the Bo...

The camel is unique and the same is its role and products. The camel is very close to nature and highly adapted to the challenging climatic conditions of the world’s driest regions. The camel is highly resilient and rich with a very specialized immune system to cope with the challenges of foreign bodies entering his body with the dust storms of the dry regions. The camel milk has very special antibodies, heavily chained and smaller in size dubbed as magic bullets and nanobodies. The protective proteins of camel milk are comprised of Lysozymes, Immunoglobulins, and lactoferrin. Such supermolecules in combination with rich vitamin contents fabricate a supper challenging immune system which can provide an umbrella to safeguard the camel milk consumer. The protective proteins of the camel milk are capsulated in the fats cover, safely passing through the acidic medium of the stomach. I would suggest keeping the camel as a dual animal, a companion, pet, dairy, and riding animal and enjoy the taste and magic of the fresh camel milk daily.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Camel Milk Moisturizer

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Lovely Dairy Camels

The more lovely, the better the yield. It is the principle of dairy camels. Watch the video and see how lovely our dairy camels are.

Below is the link to the video.
Lovely Dairy Camels