Monday, February 28, 2011

Role of Camel in Suleiman Mountainous Region of Pakistan

Suleiman region is situated in the northeastern mountainous belt of Balochistan Province of Pakistan. Livestock farming has been a centuries old occupation of a vast majority of the population in Suleiman region. It was the only source of food winning for most of the households; hence all the family members were used to graze their livestock. The livestock farmers follow a regular pattern of seasonal migration. Livestock raising communities live throughout the region, especially in the mountainous areas. 

Women help feeding animals at home if fodder is available and do the milking and taking care of young and sick animals. By grazing the animals women and children share in the economic burden of the household. On the other hand, it deprives the children of getting an education, which is a basic constitutional right of every child. This survey was aimed at to highlight the characteristics of the camel breeds available in this area and to know better about their role in the life of the herders of Suleiman region. Camels are an animal genetic resource and constitute an indispensable natural resource in Suleiman region that must be properly managed. Many studies praised their unique characteristics especially under the most stressful conditions and rugged mountains.

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  1. Camel still plays pivotal role in the livelihood earning of the people of Suleman mountaionous region.