Friday, June 22, 2012

World Camel Day 22 June 2012

camel day in Sakrand Sindh
I feel very much pleasure that world camel day was celebrated almost all over the world. Here in Pakistan we had programs in many parts of the country.
One program was arranged in Quetta Press Club. Dr Raziq presented on the important issues of camel and the importance of a world camel day. There was a program at Sakrand Sindh in Benazir Bhuto Shaheed international veterinary University.  The main program was in the university of Agriculture Faisalabad. There was a big gathering and camel events.  I received letters from many camel keepers and stake holders.
My friend Ramesh Bhatti from Kachh India also shared photos of a program in this regard. More than 250 camel keepers participated in his program.
                                                Kachh India

                                                     HAPPY CAMEL DAY TO ALL

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