Sunday, September 11, 2011

Illegal camel export threatening camel population in Pakistan
Pakistan is the cradle of animal genetic resources, camel is one of the most special. Pakistan is home to more than 20 breeds of camel, living in different types of habitats and ecosystems. Camel provides food and livelihood to millions of people and live in harsh and hostile regions of the country. Camel is facing many problems and threats, all are man-made.
Illegal camel export is one of the major threat to camel population in Pakistan. Thousands of camel export to Iran and Gulf countries illegally and very inhumane. There is severe shortage of meat in country but this precious and healthy source of meat is going without any hurdle and difficulty. Though there is ban on live or meat of animals but it is continue under the eyes of the administration. Here is the link of a short video clips, loading camels in a big loading truck to export to Iran. The situation is eyes opening.

A unique and fascinating creature! the camel

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