Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camel, the animal of future

Camel is the integral part of culture and back bone of the pastoral economy in the arid zones of the world. Camel provides safe, healthy and biologically organic milk. Camel is use for draft purpose in the harsh, hostile and inaccessible territories of the world. Camel is hardy, with very unique biological features, enabling him to consume water and feed sources very judiciously. Camel produces food item, especially milk in the very low inputs system. The special feature of camel makes it exceptional to combat the soaring sun shine and high ambient temperature. 
Camel tolerates extreme weather conditions and produce milk when other livestock special strives to sustain life. Camel is one of the best tools to combat the climate change and future food insecurity problem. Unfortunately, camel itself and its production system is under threat. In many parts of the world it is neglected and hardly spaced in the research and policy of governments. The major threat to camel is its habitat demolition. There is utmost need of time to save and conserve our camel.

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